Key Client Development Plan Template

So, you’ve got the lead and closed the first successful sale with your customer. The hard work has been done, right?

Well, not exactly. You’ve invested considerable time and effort in acquiring the client; so make the most of this investment by to ensure an ongoing business relationship. To properly develop your business relationship and become a trusted partner for your client, it’s important to consider 6 important areas. These are:

  1. Current Assessment: What is your current position with this client, and how wouldyou describe the central challenge you face in developing and managing the relationship?
  2. Client Agenda: What is the client’s agenda of essential goals and priorities?
  3. Your Aspirations: What are your aspirations for this relationship?
  4. Major Opportunities: What are the most promising opportunities to deepen and grow this client, given their goals and priorities?
  5. Key Relationships: What senior executive relationships must be developed or deepened to capture the opportunities?
  6.  Resources: What internal resources and people do you need to leverage in order to capture the best near-term opportunities and reach your ultimate aspirations for the relationship?

This worksheet poses six fundamental questions that you should try to answer for all of the significant clients in your portfolio. These are meant to complement your account plans and encourage you to take a client-centric (versus product-centric) view of how to grow and deepen the relationship. There are many areas this list does not cover—for example, the competition—and this is by design. This short form focuses on the most essential dimensions of client relationship development.

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