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Five quick and easy steps to get yourself on track

We’re all busy, so time management and productivity are common challenges for all of us. It seems like the challenge is never more imminent than it is first thing on a Monday morning. Here are five quick and easy steps I take every Monday morning to get myself on track, on schedule and psyched for a new week.

Get Up Earlier
Wake up an hour earlier, grab a nice breakfast and savour the morning. It will help start your day on a positive note

Take Five
In our bustle and bustle of work/life, it’s easy to get stressed about the smallest of things, and we become less productive as a consequence. Take five or ten minutes to centre yourself – it will do wonders

Don’t Tackle Email
People are most productive in the earliest part of the morning and often waste this time on less productive things like email. Take control of your working morning rather than answering emails.

Make a Short List
I make a short list of goals I want to complete during the day, and tick them off as I complete them. That helps me set personal goals and helps provide a sense of achievement at the event of the day

Chunk the Day
Take bit size chunks of a massive project, and over time, you will find that over-whelming project will soon seem easily conquered.

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