You have a great event idea that you know is going to generate leads for your business but have no clue where to start?

We’ll work with you to plan out the event and get it off the ground. Starting with identifying your objectives and mapping out the project plan to ensure that no deadline is missed and you have every step of the way covered right from the outset. We’ll help you with:

Event strategy and planning

Meet with one of our experienced event professionals for a planning session and receive a customised strategic roadmap for your upcoming event activities. We help you define your objectives (e.g. increased leads, greater exposure, product knowledge, member engagement) and then provide you with the right tools and tactics to achieve these objectives; including a detailed project plan, concept, budget and communications plan. Our team live and breathe events, and further to this, they understand ROI. Let our experienced team drive you in the right direction and help you achieve your desired results.

Project plan

We develop detailed project plans that outline project milestones, and then break these down into step by step actions. These actions are then applied to a timeline in chronological order with allocated dates, to track progress and ensure deadlines are met. Using our industry knowledge and experience, by creating your project plan, you can rest assured that all aspects of your event have been covered, and will be executed within the required timeframe.

Budget management

The event budget is a crucial element of event planning. Our team will work with you to achieve a realistic budget that will work for you and help you get the most out of your event funds. We use our industry pulling power to help you get the best rates without sacrificing quality, and ensure that you never go over budget.

Venue search and selection

A venue can either make or break an event, and with our experience and knowledge of venues both nationally and internationally, we will always find the right fit for you. More than just a venue sourcing service, we go above and beyond the brief to ensure you find a venue that is affordable, functional, aligned with your brand and leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

Stage set and design

Giving form to great ideas is what we are all about! We work in collaboration with our clients to find the best way to visually communicate key messages and concepts. We’ve work to deliver an array of event themes, integrated into the event and marketing campaign and is in line with your company’s brand standards.

Our theming and event styling services also include:

Design Consultation
From small projects to major large-scale events we will guide you every step of the way through the design process. We know who’s who in the game, and have an extensive network of suppliers and creative partners.

Set and Prop Design
It’s got to work too! We understand that as well as looking amazing, designs need to be functional.

Stage set design
We have a variety of stages and can custom make a specific stage design to suit your space requirement and will transport the stage to your required location, assemble and dissemble as required.

3D Rendering and Artist Impressions
We work in 3DS Max, Vectorworks, and Auto CAD to create photorealistic illustrations. We can provide event situational illustrations and conceptual artwork for stakeholder approval.

artist impression southafricatorurism Event Strategy and Planning

Audience acquisition and communications

Our marketing knowledge will help you gain maximum exposure and maximum registrations. Whether it be through email marketing, teleboosting or social media, let our team devise a marketing and communications plan that is in line with your strategy and achieves results.

Event ROI and metrics

Our tried and tested formulas and processes will help you track and achieve your desired Return On Investment. Let us help you develop reports and prospectus’ that will get senior management and sponsor buy-in, and give you piece of mind that your event will succeed.

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