The quality and quantity of traffic is critical to the success of your online strategy. While many businesses today look to generate as many leads as possible, it is equally important to pay careful and considered attention to ensuring quality leads are captured to maxmise productivity and save valuable resources following up leads.

SEM can be an effective channel for advertising directly to your targeted audience. It’s also an excellent tool for testing different messages before launching a major marketing campaign with significant investment of resources.

Lead Harvest’s Seach Engine Marketing (SEM) management techniques ensure that your Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign maximises your return on investment and makes a real difference to your oragnisation’s bottom line. With our online advertising services, we will continually optimise your campaigns, keywords, adverts and landing pages to maximise both the Click-Through Rates (CTR) and Conversion Rates.

A considered approach to SEO that makes a real difference to your bottom line.

digital defining objectives SEO Online Advertising

Defining objectives and setting-up accounts and keywords

digital adwords creative Online Advertising

Ad Creative and landing page production

digital analysis SEO Online Advertising

Analysis and measurement of results

digital reporting and continued optimisation Online Advertising

Reporting and continued optimisation