Email marketing is a great, low cost way of communicating to customers and prospects. Use email marketing in a trigger strategy to keep prospect leads warm with content rich communications to help establish your company’s credibility and builds trust. Integrated with your other marketing communication vehicles, email marketing can provide to be a high ROI marketing vehicle for your business.

Strategic email marketing campaigns produce results

Lead Harvest can manage the entire email marketing process for you, or we can help you setup an email marketing campaign that you run yourself. Our email marketing solution includes:

  • Strategy – establishing the correct strategy for your email marketing campaign is critical to success. It’s important that the right message for the target market is crafted to ensure optimal cut-through; it’s about creative design that achieves your business goals
  • Copywriting – the words used within the subject line, header and body of the email are critical to success; it’s important to ensure the communication resonates with the target market and the key messages are communicated effectively.
  • Email Design and Production – Lead Harvest will design a high impact email in line with your company branding and business goals. Our team will ensure best practice: an eye-catching design, anti-spam compliancy, and a strong call to action.
  • Integration – Our team can also integrate your email campaign with other key actions to ensure the optimization of your marketing campaign including on-page landing page optimization, follow-up scripts for your sales team, and social media content integration.

Need help with email marketing?