Connecting the dots to drive business results

Lead Harvest delivers 365-day connected marketing campaigns that help drive your business results. We connect the dots in your marketing campaign and help you maximise effectiveness and return on investment.

In today’s crowded marketplace, marketers like you are on the continual pursuit of delivering qualified leads by developing solutions-focused campaigns with turbo-charged cut-through. The problem is, many agencies don’t always understand solutions marketing and the pain points of IT. On top of this, marketing professionals like you are pressured to deliver measurable, metric centric campaigns.

The levels of engagement of customers by traditional integrated marketing agencies typically increase during campaigns, with little or no engagement between campaigns.

An integrated marketing campaign with multiple touchpoints isn’t just enough. You need 365-day communications that deliver both cut-through and thought leadership to ensure
top-of-mind-awareness for your brand.

As the extension of your marketing team, we’ll drive your end-to-end campaign management and deliver a closed-loop campaign with lead follow-up and nurture programs. We’ll also work with your vendor partner to ensure Marketing Development Fund (MDF) and Proof of Execution (POE) requirements are executed.